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Fire & Electrical Safety Ltd has built a reputation for providing its customers with the highest quality products and services and our Fire safety advisers have a vast range of knowledge and expertise within the fire protection industry, this enables us to provide both new and existing clients with excellent practical and cost effective advice, placing us at the forefront within the industry.
Did you know that fire alarms are mandatory for all commercial companies, and is essential for the safety of employees, visitors and guests as well as protecting your business? Fire alarm installation as well as fire extinguisher installation and emergency lighting installation should only be performed by a competent person and certified professional, who specialises in safe installation. Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd offers our customers fire alarm sales and supply. We provide professional fire alarm systems to businesses and organisations.
Every business should have a suitable alarm system in their premises for emergency reasons. No matter whether your business is retail, office or factory based, you are going to have people within the building. You must have a fire alarm system and an emergency light system in place in order to produce a warning to those people in order to leave the building in a safe and speedy manner. Emergency systems which tell workers and customers what to do and where to go in an emergency and evacuate the building safely are also mandatory in many cases. Small businesses such as Bed and Breakfasts or home based businesses in larger homes that are harder to exit and have staff working inside them will also benefit greatly from a fire safety system.
Safety is the number one reason a commercial fire alarm is essential for your business. An early warning system for the workers in an office or organisation will minimise the amount of damage done, and possibly prevent injuries and fatalities. Fire risk assessments are the first step in analysing and implementing a proper strategy in order to ensure the safety of your business or organisation.
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The second most important reason a business needs a fire alarm system is for insurance purposes. A fire protection system which includes a fire alarm service and maintenance plan can help lower insurance and make the premiums more cost effective for your company. In addition, implementing other services such as fire extinguishers service and maintenance and emergency lighting service and maintenance may also help decrease insurance premiums and costs. However, insurance companies may not be able to give your business a significant discount if they are not sure what system category the company has, therefore it is important to use a professional fire alarm company who supply and fit good quality equipment that is recognised by the insurance companies. In addition, some insurance companies refuse to insure businesses which do not comply with the British Standards as it pertains to fire alarm systems. Because of this, they are no longer taking on the responsibility of insuring businesses which they feel are at high risk of sustaining high-ticket claims for building loss, property damage, and human casualties. Therefore in some cases in order to have insurance a fire alarm or fire alarm system must be installed.

Having the most up to date fire system installed and knowing how to use it has many benefits, as regular tests should be carried out by a designated fire warden or responsible person. Electrical contracting is an important part of fire safety and installation, and it requires professional Fixed Wire Testing and PAT testing, to ensure everything is functioning correctly and is not a hazard.We at Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd offer fire extinguisher sales and supply. We provide professional fire alarm systems in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas including Newport Pagnell, Bletchley, Buckingham and Leighton Buzzard. In addition, Fire and Electrical Safety Ltd also offers emergency lighting sales and supply and fire risk assessments in the same areas.

If you are interested in purchasing a fire alarm system in Milton Keynes or fire extinguishers in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, contact us today and we will return your phone call or email as soon as possible. Our professional installation experts will ensure your business, office or organisation is safe and in good order to help reach its safety goals and remove your concerns.